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Anyone can apply, however, we do have some eligibility requirements in place to ensure you can afford your cash loans. To qualify, you must:

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About Quick Loans Same Day

Quick Loans Same Day is the name you can turn to whenever you have to arrange money at short notice. Superfast and hassle free loan service is what we specialize in. Emergencies can arrive anytime and at such crucial times you need a reliable as well as speedy source of funds. Through us, you can rest assured to get small loans on the same day of making application. With our online procedure, you can get instant monetary aid and deal with your urgent requirements on time.

At Quick Loans Same Day, people of Canada can utilize a number of services during financial crisis. Quick cash loans are small finances offered for a month. You can access them in a matter of few hours. Loans till payday are perfect solution for mid month cash crunches faced by salaried individuals. You can avail these loans to handle your expenses till your next salary day. If you want to borrow funds with an extended repayment period, you should apply for long term payday loans. With them, you can pay the debt as per your convenience and financial condition. If you cannot wait for your pending salary to meet your exigencies, loan until payday can help you. These loans enable you to make repayment as soon as you get your next salary.

Through us at Quick Loans Same Day, you can borrow money in unsecured way. You will not have to pledge collateral to avail our services. So, you can relax if you live as a tenant and do not own any property. Also, poor credit records are accepted readily by our associated lenders. It will not matter if you have issues like defaults, arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosure, late payments etc in your credit history. You just need to be an adult citizen of Canada, having a regular monthly income and an active bank account to qualify for our services.

We provide loans at an extremely fast pace owing to our online procedure. You can fill a free of cost online application form at our site and receive affordable loan deals from various lenders immediately. Get cash in your bank account in less than 24 hours. Apply at quick loans same day and arrange finances right away!

Types of loans

Quick Cash Loans

Anyone can apply, however, we do have some eligibility requirements in place to ensure you can afford...

Loans Till Payday

Anyone can apply, however, we do have some eligibility requirements in place to ensure you can afford...

Long Term Payday Loans

Anyone can apply, however, we do have some eligibility requirements in place to ensure you can afford...

Loan Until Payday

Anyone can apply, however, we do have some eligibility requirements in place to ensure you can afford...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Choose Same Day Loans Canada?

Whenever you are in need of a quick and easy monetary assistance you can choose same day loans Canada. To apply for this loan online you will just need to fill in a small online application. Once you complete and submit the loan request, it is reviewed by the lenders in our network. Loan decisions are fast and you can receive approval as soon as the same day and get the money immediately in your bank account. So, whenever are in need of quick cash assistance you can without a second thought choose same day loans.

How Same Day Loans Canada Work?

You can apply for same day loans Canada whenever you need quick cash. It is a short term loan that will be offered to you for a short term. You can borrow enough cash to take care of any sort of unplanned expenditure. In this website we do not extend any type of credit. We are only a mediator and can only help you compare and find the lender based on the information provided to us. Approval process generally takes less than a few minutes and if approved you will get the money deposited directly into your bank account.


Qualifying for same day loans Canada is easy. For that you will need to confirm that you are a Canadian citizen, have a fixed monthly income, you are above 18 years and you have a valid checking account. Simply meet these preconditions and lender will accept your loan request.

Fee and Charges

Since we are not involved in loan lending directly or indirectly we are unable to tell you exactly how much the fee and charges would be. Typically, for every $100 you borrow, lender will charge you a fee of $10 to $30. In addition to the interest lender will also charge you application fee. Besides, lender may also charge late fee if you fail to repay back the borrowed money on time.

Required Document

Same day loans Canada have easy documentation process. It requires less documents compared to long term loans. So, when you apply you will just need to provide proof of your employment, monthly income, citizenship, and bank account details. Such requirement of documents may vary from one lender to another. So, make sure you go through them before taking a decision.

Other Charges

Usually, there are no restrictions on the interest rates the loan companies can charge you for this short term loan, although they are required to state the effective annual percentage rate (APR) by the law. So, apart from APR and application charges, lenders does not charge anything else.

Types of loans